Good practice is essential to success in business.

March 30, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama ไทย Personal Development  

Kyudo, a Japanese martial art, has the concept "Seisha Seishu" or "right shot is right hit". Read more here: /wiki/Kyūdō This means that good practice leads to success in what you do.

Another highlighted the importance of good practice in relation to factory workers. in one factory There is a forming machine that produces metal parts. The worker has to manually feed the steel into the mold. Then press two buttons with both hands to start the machine. which is pressed on the other side of the mold to finish the product. However, the worker has an idea to improve the speed of the machine by cutting off one of the buttons. This might seem like a genius idea. But it is a security risk. The machine is designed so that the operator must use both hands to press the button. As a safety measure to ensure their hands are mold free before the machine starts. The manufacturer designed the machine in this way after a case where a worker had his hand cut off while operating the machine. However, the worker in this regard was unaware of this and modified the machine without realizing the safety implications.

In business, we often do not pay enough attention to our actions. It depends on the person and their specific balance, but for me it's about marketing.

I learned from DotCom Secret author Russell Brunson that entrepreneurs should create a channel and release media at least once a day to document their journey. I found it difficult to create 10 minute videos for YouTube every day. I switched to blogging instead. It takes less time to produce a single piece of content. This is a better practice for me.

Try to identify what you're missing and come up with a better solution than you can on a daily basis. Make it part of your daily routine. Then your business will be successful. Engage customers and generate more revenue.


Sukrit Sunama

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