How to Write a 2,000 Character Blog Every Day as a Non-Native English Speaker (Using an AI Writing Assistant)

April 01, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama Business Improvement  

In 2020, I attempted to create a 10-minute YouTube video documenting my daily work in English. However, I quickly discovered that it was tough to do so because I am not a native English speaker.

While I have a lot of experience writing articles in Thai and English, as a Thai native, I find it easy to write high-level Thai articles that are smooth and beautiful in terms of language. However, writing in English is still quite challenging for me, despite having read personal development books, technical textbooks, academic articles, news, and novels equivalent to more than 2,000 books. When I first made an English video, it was terrible, but nowadays AI is a game-changer and has surprised me greatly. With Chat GPT and other services, I can improve how I generate content of higher quality.

Honestly, I originally wrote this article in English and used AI to improve my writing, not just correct my grammar. I used Notion AI to help me write all the blogs on this website. The first time I used this feature, I was really surprised because the sentences that AI generated were beautiful and meaningful, like something I would read in a good book. I highly recommend that anyone working in content generation should use an AI writing assistant to improve the quality of their content.

On the other hand, AI also has a writing feature where we can input an article's title and it will generate the article itself. I tried ordering AI to write business articles and travel blogs, but I found that the generated content was empty. It was like reading a low-quality article that had many sentences and words, but no real meaning or purpose for the reader to take away.

In my opinion, AI is a great companion for writing, and I would say it is an "AI writing assistant." However, it is not good for "AI writing that you will be an assistant to" because of the emptiness of the content AI generates.


Sukrit Sunama

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