Witzh 2.0 is coming soon! Here's what you need to know.

March 29, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama Update  

After a month of working on turning Witzh into a Business Management System, I have added many new features and improvements. Here are the changes that have been made:

1. Support for Localization and AI Auto-Translation
Localization is a powerful tool for fast business growth. By using localization, foreign customers can listen to their own language during cross-country trips, which can be a pleasant surprise. International web and mobile phone applications use localization to grow their businesses, and now you can too. Witzh 2.0 has an auto-translation feature that uses Google translation as a backend to translate to a language you cannot speak or write, saving you time. We support many components, including Blog, Product, and Course.

2. Better Customization Options
Customization is a major feature that I promised to deliver. With Software as a Service, customization features can be costly and time-consuming to develop. However, Witzh 2.0 has been designed to be easy to customize from an architectural standpoint.

3. Designed to Cover All Kinds of Businesses
One of the most challenging things I have developed is the ability for Witzh to be a Business Management System that can cater to any kind of business. The main concept is that every website will have a type (e.g. Online Business, Buy and Sell Business, Restaurant, Service Business), each with different components. Components will interact with each other depending on the website type. For example, the Order Management component will behave differently for an online business compared to a physical store.

4. Security is a Priority
Online security is often neglected, so it is important to build a service that is secure for normal users. Witzh 2.0 implements SSL certification for HTTPS websites to keep them safe from hackers. Role management allows you to set how individual employees can act on the website and protect valuable information from outsiders. We also offer trusted payment gateways to keep your customers safe.

5. SEO-Friendly
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for improving the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages. A website optimized for SEO is more likely to attract organic traffic, resulting in increased sales and revenue. It is important to conduct thorough keyword research, optimize web page content, and ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. By implementing these strategies, businesses can improve their online presence and attract more customers.

6. Analytics is Key to Growth!
I track everything on the website, but the challenge is how to make the data valuable. I will not only show you beautiful graphs, but also explain how to use them to build a better business.

Witzh 2.0 is ready to serve more entrepreneurs, but there is still room for improvement to make it an ideal software. I hope Witzh can be the best partner for your business. Thank you!


Sukrit Sunama

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